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Birth Stories

Pregnancy & Birth

Local Resources

Birth Roots - perinatal resource center based in Portland; offers childbirth and breastfeeding education classes and support groups

Maine Association of Certified Professional Midwives - professional organization that advocates for licensing of CPMs in Maine

Maine Families - a free service that provides psychosocial support, resources, and education for parents in their own home

Raising Readers - a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing literacy in Maine - online price estimates for medical services throughout Maine - schedule a free car seat inspection to ensure that your baby's car seat is installed properly

VBAC & Cesarean Awareness

International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN)

LeapFrog Group - Cesarean Section Rates by State and by Hospital

Newborns, Mothering, Parenting


Reducing Environmental Exposures

Motherisk - Research and counselling on reproductive risk or safety of drugs, chemicals and maternal disease in pregnancy.

Skin Deep Database - searchable database of toxic ingredients in cosmetic and personal care products.

Washington Toxics Coalition - reliable information about environmental contaminants and alternatives to reduce exposures

Guide to Sunscreens - find out which sunscreens to avoid and which are effective and safe (Environmental Working Group)

Grief, Loss, Trauma, Coping & Support - a resource for parents who have received a difficult prenatal diagnosis

Hannah's Prayer Ministries - a resource for those having difficulty conceiving or who have lost a baby any time up to early infancy

Glow in the Woods - a blog "for babylost parents"

Postpartum Progress - information on postpartum mood disorders and support for those affected by them

Postpartum Support International - a resource for women experiencing any sort of mood or anxiety disorder in pregnancy or postpartum