I provide complete maternity care, including prenatal care, care throughout labor, birth and immediate postpartum, newborn and postpartum care until 6-8 weeks after birth. I also offer family planning counseling and annual exams. I offer childbirth education classes, birth tub rental, placenta encapsulation, and a free lending library. Care is holistic, considering your individual needs and preferences, your family's needs and preferences, and all aspects of your health. Treatment modalities include herbs, nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle counseling, and referrals to complementary medicine practitioners when desired.

Prenatal Care

  • All routine care is provided in your home
  • Monthly visits until 30 weeks gestation, then every two weeks until after 36 weeks, then once a week until birth
  • Hour-long visits include maternal health assessment and fetal assessment (heart rate, movements, growth, position)
  • Nutritional and lifestyle counseling are provided to encourage optimal health
  • Lab tests and referrals when indicated
  • Obstetrical consultations when indicated

Care During Labor & Birth

  • Emotional and physical support provided by two midwives
  • Ongoing assessment of your health and baby’s health
  • Intermittent fetal heart monitoring (using a doppler)
  • Comfort measures for labor
  • Support for the normal birth process
  • Management of emergencies when indicated
  • Both midwives are skilled in neonatal resuscitation
  • Complete newborn exam with baby on mom or near your side
  • Perineal assessment and repair
  • Assistance with breast/chestfeeding
  • Clean up is taken care of by your midwives
  • Continuous support during hospital transport, when indicated

After the Baby Comes

  • Home visits at 24-48 hours after birth, 3-4 days, 1-2 weeks, 2-3 weeks (if needed), and 6-8 weeks
  • Birth certificate filing
  • Routine newborn bloodspot and critical congenital heart disease screening
  • Referral for newborn hearing screening, if desired
  • Breast/chestfeeding support
  • Well baby care (up to 6 weeks of age)
  • Maternal health assessment and support
  • Connection to community resources as needed
  • Support for sexuality and family planning
  • Lab tests and referrals when indicated

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