Placenta Encapsulation Service

Placenta medicine has traditionally be used to smooth physical and emotional transitions during the first few weeks after birth, improve energy levels, and increase milk supply. According to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, this method adds heat to a woman's body after birth to help speed up the healing process and balance out a deficiency of heat that can occur from the blood loss associated with birth.


Red Tent Midwifery, LLC does steamed encapsulations. This includes removing the membranes from the placenta, steaming the placenta with lemon and ginger or cayenne, dehydrating it at 150°-160°F, grinding it with a coffee grinder, and putting it into capsules. The placenta is always handled with care. Gelatin or vegetarian capsules can be used. Upon request, the cord can be dehydrated for burial or as a memento. Also, a piece of the placenta can be made into a tincture to provide longer-lasting benefits.


Contact Susi at or 207.329.4399 for more information or to make arrangements prior to birth for placenta encapsulation.